Carla, Nancy and The Artists

Carla and Nancy have been in the Apparel Industry for nearly three decades.  In that time they have developed relationships that allow them to build one of the finest products in the market for infants.

Pairing their expertise in FABRIC and DESIGN with SOPHISTICATED and PLAYFUL ART yields a ONE-PIECE BODY SUIT and ACCESSORIES sought out by the most discretionary of shoppers searching for that PERFECT, UNIQUE BABY GIFT.

It begins with a purveyor of the highest standards in ORGANIC COTTON.  They require the cotton is spun into an INTERLOCK KNIT with a ‘PEACHED’ FINISH creating an ultimate SOFTNESS in texture.  It is then PRE-WASHED for shrinkage.  At that point, the ONE-PIECE BODY SUIT is ready to be cut and sewn within LES TROIS’ specs in a factory that is ‘WRAP’ certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited  Production).

The process utilized to Heat Transfer of their EXCLUSIVE ART has been subjected to a series of tests from APPLICATION to WASHING.  The heat transfer does not PEAL, CRACK or FADE.   In fact it blends onto this ORGANIC GEM, maintaining the SOFTNESS for which BABY LES TROIS has become known.

Carla and Nancy are very proud of their creation.  From its inception, the focus has been on QUALITY and ATTENTION TO DETAIL in all aspects of its construction.

It is an EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCT, utilizing ART to set their products apart from the rest while offering you the opportunity to give a SPECIAL KEEPSAKE for your precious newborn. A BESTOWAL, if you will, that once opened, stuns the room into a hushed OOO LALA.